Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So, what are you.. Naughty or Nice !!

Hi hi Girls,

A real Christmas treat for you .. my new dress, Naughty or Nice !! , which has the naughty version as well as the nice version of a Christmas dress for you. And guess what ! its available at a very special price for you all this month - 99 L$

Don't think a lot.. go n grab it while it lasts

Hugs n Kisses

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Royal Rhapsody

Hi Girls,

This is my latest release - Royal Rhapsody. Thank you to all of you who participated in the dress naming contest. I recieved over 50 names and selected Royal Rhapsody suggested by Hazey Bigbear. Hazey stands to win this dress which comes with all the matching jewellery :)

It took me a whiile to make this Gown as you would notice the sequin work on it is very detailed. I kept trying to improve the texture till i could see every single sequin n bead in the applique clearly. Zoom into a skirt panel and you will see the clarity and shine yourself.

A dress fit to be worn by the royality, is available in 8 colour choices and 3 skirt options. The jewellery includes a belt, 2 bracelets, earrings and a necklace.

Dress is priced at 500 L and is on release discount for a day as always.
Have fun girls. Enjoy Holiday season.. next release will take some time as i am a bit busy for a while.
Love n hugs

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hi Girls,

Presenting my latest dress VANITY. Very chic in style and the addition of hat makes it suitable for any formal occassion. My first attempt at making hat and it took me few hours of being glued to the screen rezzing, deleting, creating and adjusting the colours and placement before i was pleased with what i had in front of me. Hat is resizeable so that it fits better on your head.
The midrif of the dress is done in delicate lace and the same texture is used for the tiny frill for the top. Check out the pics to see more details.

Its available in 6 colours and is priced at 500L. The ladies in my group get a chance to grab it at 350 L this weekend.

This dress along with Goddess of Autumn is blogged by lovely DaisyLynn Morales in her blog ..
DiasyLynn's pics are stunning and she made the dress look gorgeous .. Thank you DaisyLynn :)
Have a great weekend girls

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We have been Blogged :)

Hello Girls,

We have been fortunate enough to make it to the blog of extremely talented and charming lady HoneyBear Lilliehook. Check out the following link to view what she has written about the dresses Envy and Eve.


While you are at it... check out her blog on virtual freebies as well



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yayyy .. We won the JURY AWARD for SENSATIONS 2009 !!

I feel so proud to share this lovely news with you all that my dresses GODDESS OF AUTUMN - COGNAC n JADE, DAZZLE - GOLD and EVE - RED won the Sensations Jury Award. Out of the 3 I really am proud of the gown Goddess of Autumn - Cognac n Jade. Its done in all the colours of autumn from the soft green to deep cognac. Enchanting neck scarf shows the delicate fabric folds and the spray of flowers combined with jewels falling delicately on the bosom. The skirt is sheer and is specially created to show the intermingling colours as you walk. Swirling skirt creates the magical feel of falling colourful mist around you . Similar spray of flowers n gems are strategically placed at the beck of the neck and on the waistline of the skirt to complete the sexy seductive look... Oh La la !!

Special thanks to my dear friend Blossom Morgath who helped me with her creative input while creating this dress and to Haidyn Inglewood who graciously agreed to model my dresses on the ramp :)

To share and spread the happiness i have released both the award winning dresses on 50% FOR MY LOVELY GROUP MEMBERS. Go grab it before it becomes full price.

Hugs n Kisses

Sapphire Teebrook

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sensations 2009 - Casual Round

Hi Girls,
Today was the first day of the 3 show series. The theme was Casual Dress keeping in line with the over all show theme of Hollywood Glitz. I am showcasing my dress Dazzle for this round.

Dazzle - A perfect derss for a day out at Rodeo Drive .. Casual and chic is the word for it. It is Halter Style and is done in the muted shades of Copper and Gold . The sculpted collar is encrusted with Diamond Buttons at front. Shimmering silver gold belt gives it the smart upper class look. What you see now is the sleek n smart prim skirt but it also has an option of flexi mini skirt .

Special thanks to Haidyn Inglewood from Maneira Megazine who modeled this dress and made it look spectacular :)
Thanks to all my friends and group members who came to the show to extend their support.. you all rock ... Hugss
This dress will be available in the store after the event is over.
Will be posting more pics tomorrow after the 2nd round of the show.
Love n hugss
Sapphire Teebrook

Sensation 2009 - Invite

Hello My lovelies,

You all are cordially invited to the final event of Sensations 2009. There are 3 fashion shows starting from 7th Nov to 9th Nov at 7pm SLT. Do not miss this chance to view the contest dresses. And do not miss the belly dance :P
Note down the details from the invite below.

See ya all there.. Feel free to bring along your friends
Have fun
Sapphire Teebrook

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two more exciting colours for VALENCIA

I know, I know I have been very slow in updating colours of VALENCIA. I have added two more colour choices to the existing three.

Valencia is a TWO TONE dress and I have used complimentary colours to bring out the best effect of each. This dress has 3 skirt options, Slim- Ballroom and long swishing skirt with train. Slim and Ballroom skirts have a thin overlay skirt which swirls differently from the inner layer of the skirt and is visually very appealing.

Valencia - Red n Black

Valencia - Silver Purple

Valencia - Gold

Valencia - Silver Green

Valencia - Sunset

The new colours – Silver Purple and Red n Black will be available in the boutique at 300L for the weekend, after that it will be priced at 500 L

Sapphire Teebrook

La Reine De Pearls

Hey you pearl lovers, there is a real treat for you in my boutique if you love pearls as much as I do :)

I have made a new jewelry set for you in pearls and diamonds. It is inspired from the real pearls from my grandmother’s collection. I have always been in awe of it and I am very happy to share the design with you all. The pearls have been hand aligned to sit nicely around your neck. The special gold and silver texture used on the swirl is sure to catch any ones eye. There are two tiny diamonds and a tear shaped pearl hanging at the back with the clasp.
The set is aptly named after the famous French Pearl – La Reine De Pearls. Its Available at my shop at 200L for today, discounted especially for my lovely group members and will be 400 L thereafter.

PS : I hope my granny gifts her pearls to me some day.. I have been hinting her about my love for pearls from years.. Christmas is not very far afterall.. what do you say :P ROFL!!

Love you all
Sapphire Teebrook

Friday, October 30, 2009

November Group Gift

Hi Ladies,

Hope your Halloween night Finds you dancing with delight!

... and guess what.. i have created a special Gown for you for the occasion and the best part is that its free and i am releasing it Early for you as November Group Gift :)

Special thanks to all those members who have Voted for me at Sensations 2009 Contest so far. Voting will go for another week :)

Love you all

Sapphire Teebrook

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

Hello Friends,

This is the first blog entry for Glitterati by Sapphire. Though i have been advised many times to write a blog to keep my group members updated, but i have just been too lazy to do that. Anyhow, as they say better late than never :)

So, whats happening at Glitterati now !!!
1. My Rezz day sale on all purple colour gowns is on for next few hours.
( i am not going to mention thats its my 2nd rezz day.. it makes me ancient as someone so
kindly pointed it out in the group chat yesterday and gifted me a shawl and a rocking chair !! ..
so shushhhh... lol )

2. Your November members Gift is almost ready.. so look out for the announcement in the notice.

3. Glitterati is participating in a Designer's Contest - Sensations 2009 and is pathetically
behind in votes .. are my group members not going to support me on this !! *Exagerated sigh* .. lol

Purple Gowns on sale !!
Imagine getting these awesome dresses just for 200L !!!

Hugs to you all
Sapphire Teebrook