Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hi Girls,

Presenting my latest dress VANITY. Very chic in style and the addition of hat makes it suitable for any formal occassion. My first attempt at making hat and it took me few hours of being glued to the screen rezzing, deleting, creating and adjusting the colours and placement before i was pleased with what i had in front of me. Hat is resizeable so that it fits better on your head.
The midrif of the dress is done in delicate lace and the same texture is used for the tiny frill for the top. Check out the pics to see more details.

Its available in 6 colours and is priced at 500L. The ladies in my group get a chance to grab it at 350 L this weekend.

This dress along with Goddess of Autumn is blogged by lovely DaisyLynn Morales in her blog ..
DiasyLynn's pics are stunning and she made the dress look gorgeous .. Thank you DaisyLynn :)
Have a great weekend girls

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