Friday, December 10, 2010

*~* Exotic Maharani Lehenga *~*

Hello Girls,

Its an Exotic Dress this time from and enchanting country, INDIA - EXOTIC MAHARANI LEHENGA - an attire fit for the royalty ! ! !
This is created for a client for her Indian Style Wedding but its styled in a way that it can be worn anytime !

Set contains - ( 12 pcs )

Top - 3 layers - Copy
Bottom - 2 Layers - Copy
Skirtbase - Copy
Flexi Skirt - 2 - Mod/ Copy/ Resize
Flexi Scarf in 3 different Styles - Mod/ Copy
Veil (so that it can be used as wedding dress for exotic indian style weddings ) - Mod/ Copy


Love Always
Sapphire Teebrook

Thursday, December 2, 2010

~`~ Christmas Special ~`~

A little smile, a word of cheer, A bit of love from someone near, A little gift from one held dear !
Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

I have created 2 new dresses in thick rich silk for Christmas this year. Both the dresses are styled in such a way that they can be worn as normal dresses after Christmas.

Set Contains
Top in all 3 layers - Copy
Pants layer - Copy
Underpants layer - Copy
Prim Skirt - Mod, Copy. Resize
Fur Skirt - Mod, Copy
Fur Hat - Mod, Copy
Fur, Bells and Ribbon neck pcs. - Copy
125 L

Set Contains
Top in all 3 layers - Copy
Pants Layer - Copy
Underpants Layer - Copy
Flexi Ball Skirt - Copy, Resize
Fur Collar - Mod, Copy
Fur Hat - Mod, Copy

Love always
Sapphire Teebrook

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Peace on Earth Hunt - 3

Peace on Earth 3 Hunt is officially open. Grab this oppotunity to get this fabulous skin girls !!  Its from my latest Lush skin collection. Skin is placed in a Globe and set to buy at 0L.

Hunt hint ~*~
Gifts will be showered on all when there is peace on earth and MIDNIGHT is GLITZy !
( If you know my dresses you will get the hint :P )

You may also want to see the fantastic picture of the Lush skin taken by awesome Anna Sapphire for Opium Fashion Agency Blog -

Happy hunting
Love always
Sapphire Teebrook

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Skin Line - ~.~ Lush ~.~

Hello Girls,

Glitterati is taking its baby steps into new field of skin making. With great pleasure I announce our first skin line - LUSH !

LUSH IS AVAILBLE on INAUGURAL DISCOUNT for the weekend. Its on Sale for just 299 L and it will be 500 L from Monday.

Right now i have made 2 skin tones for Lush - Fair and Sunkissed. There are 5 makeup choices in each. All skins come with Cleavage/no Cleavage, Freckles, Shaved and Stripe options. Skin is with COPY permission only. Shape is with Mod and Copy perms.

Look for the following LM giver if you happen to go to Glitterati main store. The Skin shop is set up in the sky above the main shop.

Sapphire Teebrook

Friday, October 22, 2010

*~* Dew Skin *~* 2nd Anniversary Gift for the group

Girls !

As promised, i have made a skin for you all, on the occassion of GLITTERATI's 2nd Anniversary.

2 years ago i had started this shop with just 5 gowns on the upper floor corner of Sascha's Designs. Sascha Frangilli was kind enough to give me that space to showcase my creations. From there I grew to be an independent store with your support and appreciation. This special skin is my way of thanking you all who have shown their faith and support to me and have been a loyal member of my group.

 Don't forget to wear your group tag :)

Love always
Sapphire Teebrook

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Special !!

May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright

 Of soft and golden hue 

Pierce through the future’s veil and show 

What fate now holds for you !!!

( you better be ready for the fateful date !  ..  lol )

Lets see what we have in store for you :))  I have created 2 beautiful gowns for Halloween. Both the gowns are priced at a very special and heavily discounted price of 150L each... have a look !

Sapphire Teebrook

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lia Rose Jewelry !


There is a new Jewelry set to compliment the latest gown - Lia. Set is transferable and can be resized.

The set is priced at 125L for a day and then it will be available for 350L

Sapphire Teebrook

Thursday, October 14, 2010

*~* Lia *~*

Hi Friends,

If you want to get noticed at special events and be a part of the elite, then you must try this new gown. This set is available with 3 different skirt options - Low slim (mermaid) skirt with train, Full Ballroom skirt with train and Slim Straight Skirt. Dress is available is 5 delicious colours - Rose, Gold, Garnet, Sapphire and Copper.

The set contains .. 

Top in all 3 Layers - Copy
Pants in 2 layers - Copy
Skirt ( Glitch) - Copy
Sculpted Stole - Copy, Resize
Ball Room Skirt - Copy, Resize
Slim Skirt - Copy, Resize
Low Trailing Skirt (P) - Copy, Resize
Low Trailing Skirt (R) - Copy, Resize
Low Trailing Skirt (L) - Copy, Resize

Dress is priced at 400 L for a day as always and will be 550 L from tomorrow.

Sapphire Teebrook

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sepia Vintage Lace ~~

Hey Everyone,

Presenting my new dress Sepia Vintage Lace in Casual, Smart Style. This 14 pcs. stunning dress comes with 2 styles for top, 2 different sculpty collars, Sculpty Sleeve ends and a Sculpty double belt.


Set contains...

Top style 1 - 3 layers - Copy
Top Style 2 - 3 layers - Copy
Bottom - 2 layers - Copy
Sculpty collar with jewels - Mod, Copy, Resize
Sculpty collar without jewels - Mod, Copy, Resize
2 Sleeve ends - Mod, Copy
Belt - Mod, Copy, Resize
Prim skirt - Mod, Copy, Resize

Have a nice weekend
Sapphire Teebrook

Sunday, October 3, 2010

** Fortune Tellers Hunt Dress **

We are participating in Fortune Tellers Hunt and i have hidden this beautiful dress in my store.

Hint ~~ Go to the Bewitching Gypsy Girl to know your Fortune ;p

Happy Hunting
Sapphire Teebrook

Friday, October 1, 2010

Shawna - New Casual Dress

Hi Girls,
Presenting my latest release - SHAWNA , in the casual line.  This can be worn in 3 styles and have 3 colour choices.

Its on New Release Discount for members for a day and is available at 99L. From tomorrow it will be 300 L

The set contains..
Top in 3 Layers - Copy
Bottom in 3 Layers - Copy
System Skirt - Mod, Copy
Mini Skirt - Copy, Resize
Cocktail Skirt - Copy, Resize
Beads for halter neckline - Mod, Copy, Resize

Have a nice weekend
Sapphire Teebrook

Friday, September 24, 2010

~~ Red Carpet Dress ~~

My new dress is in the store now. Its available with 3 options on skirts, 2 options in the sculpty collar and 7 colour choices.

The set contains...
Top in 3 layers - Copy
Bottom in 2 layers - Copy
Full Skirt - Copy & Resize
Salsa Skirt -  Copy & Resize
Mini Skirt -  Copy & Resize
Sculpty Collar -  Copy & Resize
Ornamental Sculpty Collar -  Copy & Resize

Dress is on new release discount for the group for one day and will be full priced (699L) from tomorrow,

Thanks to all of you who sent me colour options on this. Grace Greymoon sent me pic of Tanzanian Ruby and it was challenging for me to match that colour but finally i was pleased with the effort. She wins fat pack of Red Carpet Dress along with Amber Spellhunter who had suggested Starry Midnight Colour.

Enjoy the weekend
Sapphire Teebrook

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preview - Red Carpet Dress

This is the latest gown from Glitterati, I hope to release it in a day or two. Meanwhile, send in your suggestions for the colours you want in this :)

you can leave your colour preferences as comments here or send me a notecard inworld


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 2010 Group Dress :)

Hello Girls,

Hop in the store to collect your this month's members appreciation dress. Don't forget to wear your group tag.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bewitching Gypsy Girl !!

Hi Girls...

Another visual treat for you all. However its available in only two striking colours.

Set Contains..
Top in all 3 layers - Copy
Panty in 2 layers - Copy
System skirt Layer - Copy
Twisty Gypsy Skirt - Copy, Resize

The dress is available for my group for 99 L only for a day and then it will be priced at 250 L

Have fun

Saturday, September 4, 2010

~~ Effervescence ~~

Hello Friends,

A perky, smart casual dress - Effervescenece - for you all this week !!

The set contains.. 
Top in 3 layers - Copy
Dress bottom in Pnats and Underpants Layer - Copy
Sculpted collar with diamente buttons - Mod, Copy, Resize
Sculpted wrist band with Diamonete Buttons - Mod, Copy, Resize
Ruffled prim skirt band - Copy, Resize
Flexi mini Skirt - Copy, Resize

Remember the resize script can be deleted after the adjustment !

The dress is on discount for my group and is priced at 199L for a day and after that it will be 300 L


Enjoy the weekend
Love always
Sapphire Teebrook

Sunday, August 29, 2010

`*~*``*~*``*~*`Serenade Wedding Gown `*~*``*~*``*~*`

Hello Friends, 

I have created my first wedding gown.  Have a look ....

The Set Contains ..

Top in 3 layers - Copy
Pants Layer - Copy
Gloves - Copy
Stockings - Copy
Skirt with train - Chiffon - Copy, Resize
Skirt with train - Silk - Copy, Resize
Full Skirt - Ballgown Style - Mod, Copy, Resize
Cocktail Skirt - Mod, Copy, Resize
Mini Skirt - Mod, Copy, Resize
Puff Sleeves - Mod, Copy
Wedding Veil - Mod, Copy
Rose Hair Ornaments - Mod, Copy
Extra Rose to work around your own hair do - Mod, Copy
Wedding Bouquet - Mod, Copy

Cost of this dress is 799L

Now is the fun part..  i am keeping a short version of this dress, with Ballgown skirt and minus the rose hair ornament,  free for the awesome ladies of my group. This will be a limited time offer..  twice in a day to be fair to different time zones :)

Have fun

Sapphire Teebrook

Friday, August 27, 2010

Serenade !

As promised my new release is the store now. Its a full ballgown with 2 skirt choices and 5 colour options.

The set contains ..

Top in 3 layers.. Copy
Pants Layer.. Copy
Mini Skirt - Mod, Copy n Resize
Cocktail Skirt - Mod, Copy n Resize
Ball gown - Mod, Copy n Resize
Hat - Mod, Copy


Serenade is priced 400 L and one colour is marked down to 300 L for couple of days.
Look up for next sensational gown..  its gonna be my first Bridal Gown as i am still in the wedding euphoria :)

Love n Hugs