Sunday, August 29, 2010

`*~*``*~*``*~*`Serenade Wedding Gown `*~*``*~*``*~*`

Hello Friends, 

I have created my first wedding gown.  Have a look ....

The Set Contains ..

Top in 3 layers - Copy
Pants Layer - Copy
Gloves - Copy
Stockings - Copy
Skirt with train - Chiffon - Copy, Resize
Skirt with train - Silk - Copy, Resize
Full Skirt - Ballgown Style - Mod, Copy, Resize
Cocktail Skirt - Mod, Copy, Resize
Mini Skirt - Mod, Copy, Resize
Puff Sleeves - Mod, Copy
Wedding Veil - Mod, Copy
Rose Hair Ornaments - Mod, Copy
Extra Rose to work around your own hair do - Mod, Copy
Wedding Bouquet - Mod, Copy

Cost of this dress is 799L

Now is the fun part..  i am keeping a short version of this dress, with Ballgown skirt and minus the rose hair ornament,  free for the awesome ladies of my group. This will be a limited time offer..  twice in a day to be fair to different time zones :)

Have fun

Sapphire Teebrook

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