Sunday, August 29, 2010

`*~*``*~*``*~*`Serenade Wedding Gown `*~*``*~*``*~*`

Hello Friends, 

I have created my first wedding gown.  Have a look ....

The Set Contains ..

Top in 3 layers - Copy
Pants Layer - Copy
Gloves - Copy
Stockings - Copy
Skirt with train - Chiffon - Copy, Resize
Skirt with train - Silk - Copy, Resize
Full Skirt - Ballgown Style - Mod, Copy, Resize
Cocktail Skirt - Mod, Copy, Resize
Mini Skirt - Mod, Copy, Resize
Puff Sleeves - Mod, Copy
Wedding Veil - Mod, Copy
Rose Hair Ornaments - Mod, Copy
Extra Rose to work around your own hair do - Mod, Copy
Wedding Bouquet - Mod, Copy

Cost of this dress is 799L

Now is the fun part..  i am keeping a short version of this dress, with Ballgown skirt and minus the rose hair ornament,  free for the awesome ladies of my group. This will be a limited time offer..  twice in a day to be fair to different time zones :)

Have fun

Sapphire Teebrook

Friday, August 27, 2010

Serenade !

As promised my new release is the store now. Its a full ballgown with 2 skirt choices and 5 colour options.

The set contains ..

Top in 3 layers.. Copy
Pants Layer.. Copy
Mini Skirt - Mod, Copy n Resize
Cocktail Skirt - Mod, Copy n Resize
Ball gown - Mod, Copy n Resize
Hat - Mod, Copy


Serenade is priced 400 L and one colour is marked down to 300 L for couple of days.
Look up for next sensational gown..  its gonna be my first Bridal Gown as i am still in the wedding euphoria :)

Love n Hugs

Monday, August 23, 2010

Nymph ~~

Hello Friends ,

Another beautiful creation for SL Divas. This gown however is not for the faint hearted :)
Have a look !

Now now..   don't get alarmed. Bodice, as you see is semi transparent and a cover has been included in the set for the modest ones. Its is mod/copy so you can match it to your skin tone  :)

Set Contains..
Top in 3 layers - Copy
Pants Layer - Copy
Nipple Cover - Mod, Copy
Slim Skirt with tiny train - Mod, Copy, Resize
Sleeves - Mod, Copy
Diamond Hair Jewel - Transfer, Resize
Diamond Armband - Mod, Copy, Resize

Nymph is priced at 699 L


Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Member's Tea Length dress !

Hiya Girls,

My member's free dress of the month is in the store now. Wear your group tag to get it :)

Love ya all
Sapphire Teebrook

Enchantress - Enchant someone today :P


I am back from my short but most exciting holiday with my husband. I have been slacking in updating my blog so today i am going to update you all on whatever i have missed so far..
This is one of my favourites.. Its available in 7 Vibrant colours.
Top in all 3 layers
Pants with lace effect on the back of calves and some lace in the front left thigh
Diamond studded glove frill
3 Skirts to be attched on legs and pelvice

Go ahead darlings.... ENCHANT someone tonight :P

Saturday, August 7, 2010

July Member's Gift

Members Gift for the Month of July 2010. Don't forget to wear you Group Tag :)


Your Boyfriend Thinks I AM Hot - T-Shirt n Leggings

Hi Girls,

I have made some mix n match top and tights in 8 colours each.
Top has an off shoulder neckline and a cute lil bow on the side. Both these attachments are mod/copy

Top is in Shirt layer and Jacket layer Tights are in pants and underpants LayerTop is priced @ 150 and Tights are for 100 each

Also grab this cute 4th of July Free Dress and lets celebrate :)



Sandra - New Gypsy Style Tea Length Skirt

Hi girls,

My new release comes in a new mid-length gypsy skirt style which has asymmetric hemline as well as a long sexy skirt which shows lot of leg.

The set Contains ..
Top in all 3 layers - Copy
Pants - Copy
Tattoo in underpants Layer - Copy
Gypsy Style Skirt - Copy, Resize
Sexy Skirt - Copy, Resize
Beads Neckline - Mod, Copy, Resize

Two of the colours are priced down for couple of days and are priced at 300L, rest of the 4 colours are at 450 L