Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yayyy .. We won the JURY AWARD for SENSATIONS 2009 !!

I feel so proud to share this lovely news with you all that my dresses GODDESS OF AUTUMN - COGNAC n JADE, DAZZLE - GOLD and EVE - RED won the Sensations Jury Award. Out of the 3 I really am proud of the gown Goddess of Autumn - Cognac n Jade. Its done in all the colours of autumn from the soft green to deep cognac. Enchanting neck scarf shows the delicate fabric folds and the spray of flowers combined with jewels falling delicately on the bosom. The skirt is sheer and is specially created to show the intermingling colours as you walk. Swirling skirt creates the magical feel of falling colourful mist around you . Similar spray of flowers n gems are strategically placed at the beck of the neck and on the waistline of the skirt to complete the sexy seductive look... Oh La la !!

Special thanks to my dear friend Blossom Morgath who helped me with her creative input while creating this dress and to Haidyn Inglewood who graciously agreed to model my dresses on the ramp :)

To share and spread the happiness i have released both the award winning dresses on 50% FOR MY LOVELY GROUP MEMBERS. Go grab it before it becomes full price.

Hugs n Kisses

Sapphire Teebrook

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