Thursday, April 28, 2011

** Tess Casual Outfit and matching shoes **

Tess ~~

A silk floral print top knotted at the back with ribbons combined with matching pants. Both the sets contain silk top in 4 different colours.
Also there are matching shoes next to it in 3 different style options. All shoes are on 50 % members Discount.

Set Contains..

4 Silk Tops - Copy
Pants - Modify, Copy
Ribbon Knots - Modify, Copy
Pants Ends - Modify, Copy

Set Contains..

Left and Right Shoe for V 1.23 - Copy
Left and Right Shoe for V 2 - Copy
Shoe base for v1.23 - Copy
Shoe base for v 2 - Copy
Alpha layer for v2 - Copy
Hud for skin and toenails colour control

Shoes are on 50 % members discount for a limited period

Available at

Sapphire Teebrook

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