Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sophie - Stylish, Sexy & Graceful

Hi Friends,

Another treat for you at the shop now - Sophie, Its truly a beautiful gown, if i can say so myself :) Gown is done is silver and black. It is accesorized with a flowing shawl which is held on the shoulder by a diamond brooch.

The set contains..

Top in all 3 layers - Copy
Pants - CopySkirtbase - Copy
Shawl with diamond brooch - Mod, Copy. Resize
Short end of the Shawl - Mod, Copy. Resize
Skirt - Mod, Copy, Resize

Its on release discount and is priced at 499L for couple of days and then it will be at its normal price of 699 L.

Look out for more colours in Sophie in the coming days.